The mountainous and countryside roads in Danang are dreamy for motorbike riders. Head to the Son Tra island for beautiful scenery. Using motorbike rental service is the best way to enjoy the scenery here.

Check motorbike clearly before depart

Before set off, you should make sure the motorbike is working well. You also should take some photos of each angle on the bike to show for retailer if your motorbike having some problems when using. If there was some scratch in the vehicle before you take, you must end up the contract.

Being carefully driver

Most accidents being caused by speed of vehicle. You should drive slow, especially in mountainous roads. Drive slow and using your back brake instead of front brake when you stop the motorbike accidentally. Almost accidents also caused when using the front brake, It makes the bike flip out.


Motorbike burns

Almost the motorbike driver having motorbike burns (Farang Tattoos). Be careful when get off the vehicle, make sure to avoid the left side of motorbike. You should to notice your leg against the hot pipe. With the heat and humidity of Vietnam weather, the wounds would not healed and look like a bad tattoo for your mistakes. If you get burn, take the chemist immediately and use the bandage with antiseptic cream daily until the burn get to held.


There are thousands of dangerous things on the road in South East Asia. Especially with the beginner id driving motorbike. However, the Vietnamese are friendly and helpful. They will help you if your motorbike having any problems. In safe, you should save the motorbike rental in danang service phone number to contact in case need their help. When rent motorbike, you should ask them about the notices whenever having accident.


Renting a motorbike is a best way to discover Danang city. You can enjoy and see the beautiful beach and mountainous roads as well as the life of local people. You can live like the Vietnamese and knowing their culture clearly. Whatever it takes, you should try to rent a motorbike to travel Danang as well as other provinces in Vietnam.