Da nang has many extraoridanary festival in Viet Nam. If you visit Da Nang at the festival time, you can have a chance to join some special and memoriable activities this time.

Da Nang fireworks festival

The first time Da Nang celebrate fireworks festival is 2008. Then, the festival is held every year and attracts a lots of tourist come to Da Nang. The festival will take two days on the day of liberation in Da Nang, or on Commuicate of Vietnam April 30th. In that time, you will see a lots of fireworks team from around the world. It is not only firework activities but also having many activities such as music night, culinary festival. You should buy tickets for firework festival before you came to Da Nang because this time having many tourist visit Da Nang to enjoy Firework festival.

Cau Ngu festival

Cau Ngu festival is held along the Son Tra areas, on July 3rd each year. It show the fishermen’s wishes for a peaceful life and job. Because fishermen have to face with unpredictable accident. In this festival, you can jpin in many folk games such as sailing, football, tug of war, shaking basket,… Moreover, you can hear the folk songs like opera and Cheo singing. The song also express the life off fishermen, the solidarity between them with ocean, etc.


Da Nang’s Hoa My festival

Village festival will be held once a year, on 12th day of the first month in lunar calendar. The aim is memory about the acesdants and the hero of Hoa My village. They review all successful work that was completed in a year and list the orientated job in the next year. You should join in the running contest together with local people. Then, you can try some activities such as lion dance, chess, tug and wrestling. A village named Hoa My is considered to being a symbolic of Da Nang traditional culture.


Actually, the most exciting activity that many foreigner want to try in Da Nang is drive motorbike to explore all place of city. You can rent a motorbike from the renting motorbike service in the city. In the city center, having a lots of place that renting motorbike. You can check the price and feedback of the previous customer to choose the right place for renting a reasonable and good motorbike in Da Nang.