If you’re looking for leasing a motorbike in Danang, you should take note something about this service here. While Vietnam is absolutely the most dangerous places for riding motorbike, but It is the best way to have a best adventure here.

You can find the renting motorbike service easily in Da Nang, especially in the center city. Every place will have the different price depend on quality and standard of maintaining when you leasing them. Here are 5 things that you need to know before renting motorbike in Danang

Where to hire a motorbike Rental In DaNang

In the city center of Danang, there are many service offer the motorbike for rent. The renting motorbike will take charges par one day. You have to pay in advance and give them your passport as well as deposit. You can book the motorbike before two week until your trip in Danang. In the festive time, It is needed to book the motorbike in advance.


Types of motorbike Rental In DaNang

There are three kinds of motorbike that common in Vietnam. They are automatic, semi automatic and off-road motorbike. If you are beginner, you can try the automatic with no gear. It is easier for you to control and drive as well. The semi-automatic and off-road motorbike are use for riding on the mountain and professional drivers.

Average fee

The service take charge per 24 hours. However, you can ask for discount if you rent motorbike in a long trip such as over 5 days. The common price for rent a motorbike in Danang is about 150.000 VND. The average costs also depend on warranties and quality of motorbike.

Insurance Motorbike Rental In DaNang

Usually, the insurance is not the must-have cost in renting motorbike service. You can buy insurance if you afraid of some motorbike problems in your trip. Insurance may costs 10 percent of over the renting motorbike fee. If your motorbike crashes or being stolen, the insurance company will be the one paying the fee for you.


Helmet and safety equipment

It is no doubt that you have to wear helmet on Vietnam road. Some renting motorbike will have free helmet for you. You should ask for this service before rent a motorbike. If you don’t wear helmet, you can be caught by police and paying a huge fine costs. You should be careful about this notice.